Modeling a chair with polygons for architecture

It is always nice to watch some modeling tutorials made with other 3d softwares, but that can be used in Blender. And almost any tutorial that uses polygon based 3d modeling can be used with Blender, depending only on the efforts of the artist to adapt the technique. In the tutorial below you will find the procedures to create a detailed chair in 3ds Max using polygons, and the technique used by the author of the tutorial can be applied in Blender, to create the same chair. The tutorial is divided into three different videos:

Blender 3D Architect Pro


  • Alain

    How can you do sweep in Blender from a polygon edge ?
    The convert to curve function does not work proper in Blender

    How can you round corners in Blender ?
    I guess this is mutch more complicated in Blender ?

    If you would do a tutorial to see all modelling methodes of this tutorial “translated” to blender I would be thankfull 😉

    Kind regards

  • str9led

    Good tutorial.

    Rounded corners can be done by using the rotate point orgin. I think it would be nice to do a tutorial for blender

  • Alain

    I mean round corners on a cube for example, exept of doing a few bevels this is not possible in Blender I guess.

    And yes again, a Blender tutorial that shows all those Max-related modellingmethodes would be very nice.
    I’m not a Blender pro, so its to difficult for me to translate this methodes to Blender.

    Kind regards

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