Free alternative for post-production architectural visualization

What is the best option to work with post-production architectural visualization? At some point, you will have to create a render and later, make small adjustments in either color or visual aspects of your image.

We work in a field that has close ties to photography and much of the tools we use, will eventually come from photography applications. If you keep track of the projects we feature here in Blender 3D Architect, most of them have some degree of post-production.

Should you do that in Blender?

Darktable: post-production architectural visualization

A significant amount of artists will choose applications like Photoshop or GIMP, to work with post-production architectural visualization. Even offering a wide range of options, going with something closer to a photography workflow might give you an edge.

Is there any open-source option to work with post-production photography? Absolutely! Meet Darktable, one of the best alternatives to work with photography.

post-production architectural visualization

What exactly Darktable can do?

When you talk with photography professionals, they will often compare Darktable with Adobe Lightroom. They have similar features, like the capability to develop raw images.

For color correction and adjustments, it offers a fantastic range of alternatives! You can control the look and feel of your architectural renders. Besides giving you the options to manipulate color, you can also use pre-made profiles.

In this address, you will find hundreds of styles to apply not only to photos but in architectural renders. You can play with several options in post-production architectural visualization.

The benefits of using Darktable as a tool for post-production architectural visualization goes from the options to be open-source. It won't cost you anything to download and use, it is entirely free! If you plan to improve your architectural renders, take a close look at Darktable.

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