Project Vasari: Free lite version of Revit?

The process of conception of any building is quite important for the success of any project, and the amount of information that we have by the time we design a building will make a huge difference at the end. One of the tools we have start with the right foot a project is a BIM based tools to study the environment and the project as a whole. One of the tools that offer this type of analysis is the Autodesk Revit, which can help with the design process of the project. But, as you may be wondering, for some professionals it is a very expansive tool, and not a real option for most people. But, if you want to give a try to a new project from the Autodesk labs called Vasari, you will be able to do a lot of what Revit can do on the early stages of development for a project, and best of all, for free.

What can we do with Vasari? The video below shows a demo of how the software can help during the stages of any project:

If you want to download Vasari, unfortunately it is only available for windows and will work for a couple of months for free. Like other projects from Autodesk Labs, it will probably turn into a lite version of Revit for architecture, and will no longer be free. Until then, enjoy.

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  • Ejnaren

    Hey Allan.

    Do you know what is the state on BIM modelling and OSS..?
    My school has tried to do a full open source program but it stalled years ago…


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