Cottage: Architectural modelling with Add-ons

The use of Add-ons for architectural modeling may give you an advantage in several areas, but will also make you dependent on that tool. In most cases, you should have a clear understanding of how to create geometry with no Add-on support.

We do know some artists that don't like the amount of geometry some Add-ons create because they also tend to generate random 3d objects. For projects where you have to export the model to the Unreal Engine, it may become a problem.

But, for image creation with either Cycles or Eevee (in the future), they will provide you with some shortcuts for time-consuming objects. For instance, modeling multiple windows or stairs. A few Add-ons will make all the calculations and deliver a structured geometry for you.

Do you want to see an example of a model using several different types of Add-ons? Here is a project from a Russian artist called Volden. The name of this project is Cottage and what caught our attention was the list of Add-ons used for modeling.

You won't find any settings related to the render. Look below the screenshot of the model for a list of all add-ons used for that project.

Using Add-ons for all that building parts will save you a lot of time! Here is a list with some of the Add-ons in the project:

If you want to know how to use some of those Add-ons, our course about course about architectural modeling with Blender explains how to use a few of them.

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