Blender particles for trees distribution

On several occasions, we do share with our readers some interesting resources related to trees, people or some other assets that you can use in architectural visualization projects. Some of those projects will require you to a basically knowledge of Blender to properly use them efficiently.

For instance, if you have a tree model or texture that should get multiples over a large area, how do you proceed with the copies? Just the old fashion SHIFT+D? If you do that, stop right now! There are much better ways to create instance copies of objects for architecture, like trees.


Just take a look at this tutorial from a site named Blender Mama, which is not new, but still works fine. In the text, you will find all steps necessary to use particles to duplicate trees. The tutorial uses “real” tree models to do that and is all explained in the context of an architectural project.

Despite being made with Blender 2.65, which is not new, but everything works fine with most recent versions. The final result is quite good and could help a lot of architectural visualization artists using Blender.

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