Free 3d scans from sculptures

An unusual type of 3d model that is sometimes required to create 3d visualizations from architecture is a sculpture. With the lower prices of 3d scan gear, it is easy to find examples of 3d scans from people and even food!

But, what about art based sculptures? The website named Three D Scans will help you to get 3d scans from art based on museums across Europe. There you can download several files for free, like this model from Portrait Statue Of Aule Meteli.


By having a collection of 3d models based on sculptures, you have the freedom to get even more context for architectural projects. For instance, a project that relies on classical architecture visuals will demand some sculptures for context.

Another situation where 3d sculptures will likely be an excellent choice for the background is a museum. In fact, any other space that is supposed display artwork based on hand sculpts will benefit from such collection.

You just have to be aware that all those models are “heavy” on polygon count, which may cause problems with slower computers. Since all models are 3d scans that will mimic an incredible amount of detail from surfaces, a 3d model based on that has lots of small polygons.

Just one single sculpture file can easily have something like 70MB in size. If you don't like the size, you can always go with a retopology of the model and reduce it.

What type of license they offer? According to the website you do whatever you want with the models. Even reshape the whole sculpture.


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