Blender Geometry Nodes: Procedural vegetation

In the future, we will see many Blender tools and options accessible using Nodes, which will multiply the number of procedural controls for modeling. Today, you can already taste some of those controls with the incredible Geometry Nodes Editor. With the editor, it is possible to start making 3D objects using Nodes only.

Can you work with Nodes only for modeling? That would be hard for some projects, but it’s possible to make impressive creations with procedural controls.

For instance, you can make vegetation with trees and grass using Nodes. Do you want to see an example? Here is a project from artist Vignesh Vembar and shared on his Twitter profile.

As you can see from the image, we have a complex set of Nodes that makes fully procedural vegetation with controls. That is one example of what you can do with those Nodes.

Should you deeper into those Nodes to work with procedural controls for architectural projects? Despite being an outstanding technical achievement, it still demands lots of time to create and “design” the Node workflow. From a strict productivity point of view, you will get better results using any of the existing Add-ons that can help you create vegetation.

Some of the best options today are Bonatiq, Graswald, and Scatter.

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