GreenButton has Turbocharged LuxRender

The use of an unbiased render engine like LuxRender can add significant realism to a scene with only a few mouse clicks. But, the down side of most unbiased render engines is the amount of time we have to leave the image “cooking” to get a noise free image. To speed up the render, we can use a render farm or use some of the online services that provide this service for Blender or LuxRender. One of those companies is now preparing a boost on their Rendering services for LuxRender. The GreenButton has already a plugin that allow artists to render scenes created with LuxRender. But, now they claim to have one of the fastest rendering service for LuxRender available.


Below you can reade the full press release of the new service:

GreenButton – your personal (super) computer announces launch of LuxRender now powered my Microsoft Azure.

In a few weeks time, we will be launching our new plug-in and rendering service for LuxRender, running on Microsoft’s new Azure platform. What’s cool and exciting about this, is that we have worked out how to tile or chop-up a single image into many pieces, and then have these sent to many cores in Azure for rapid processing. After processing your job across 100’s of cores, (if not 1000’s) we then magically reassemble them to create your final image in record time. Our previous plugin could not do this, and now we think, that we have created the fastest rendering service commercially available for LuxRender!

Running on Azure, we have effectively limitless power and capacity to run your job. Clearly, having access to all this power isn’t dirt cheap BUT we will be offering several options that should fit your price point. Our first offering which coincides with this new launch, will be based a “shared pool” of cores that will be sitting there available for a fixed low monthly fee of USD$19.95. This means that you can run as many jobs as you like during that month, and then get access to as many cores are there are available.

If you are interested in getting a trial, we still have room for beta users so join this specific mailing list and we will let you know –

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  • Manu

    I´m a lucky betatester. So far I can say, the exporter script is keeping the promise, it´s an (almost) one click experience and seems pretty grown up. The pricing is awesome too.

  • lorem

    Is there any way how to try it free for some limited time? If I do my scene with 0.7.1 and than render with green button, will it work? Thank anybody for answer.

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