Architectural Modeling: Creating a bathroom with details for visualization

A few days ago I published here on the blog an article recommending a great tutorial about architectural modeling for a building, designed to be used in interactive visualization projects like games. This tutorial shows techniques and tools to create the external environment of a building in 3ds Max, and could be used to create the same model in other 3d packages. Yesterday, I just found a similar tutorial with a total running time of more than three hours about interior modeling. The subject of the tutorial now is to create a detailed bathroom in 3ds Max for rendering and visualization.

Since the scope of the tutorial is not related with interactive visualization, the author of the tutorial works with lots of small details and objects to enhance the 3d model. The full set of videos for this tutorial is made from twenty videos, which I organize in a playlist in youtube.

Here is a sample of what you will find in the tutorial. This is the first video of the set:

From all the interior design environments for architectural visualization, the design of a bathroom is along with the kitchen one of the hardest to complete, because of the nature of objects and shapes used in the scene. Just notice that in the bathroom we have more organic shapes in almost all objects, and the amount of reflective and transparent surfaces are much bigger than any other room.

If we have to design a kitchen in 3d, the problems faced during the modeling stage will look a lot to those related with the bathroom.

A great amount of time is spend in the tutorial with the modeling of small details for the bathroom, which shows how much time we have to devote for details in this type of project. One of the highlights of this set of tutorials is exactly the model of small details, which may give a great insight for artists used to create only geometrical shapes for external visualization.

Even if you don’t use 3ds Max this set of tutorials will help to understand what’s required to create detailed interior design projects, for scenes demanding lots of small objects like bathrooms.

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