Free furniture for Blender: Toaster Oven and Kitchen oven

In some projects that demand an elevated amount of furniture models, you may have to spend additional time either modeling or searching for a particular object.

That is quite common in projects like a kitchen, which will require you to wood cabinets that will match a particular type of furniture.

When you find out that you don't have the necessary furniture models, your deadline will somehow get shorter.

Do you want to download to furniture models that could help you in your next kitchen visualization project? In BlendSwap you will find two models from an artist called TreyClaine.

Both objects will fit in modern kitchen spaces and are a Toaster Oven and Kitchen Oven. The Kitchen oven has a handle missing, but that is easy to fix.

You may think that they are easy to model, but any time you spend making furniture assets for a project is less time working on lights, textures, and rendering.

Both objects have a reasonable level of detail and have materials and settings ready for rendering with Cycles.

How to download assets from BlendSwap? To get models from BlendSwap, you have to create an account there, which will give you 200MB to download files each month. That is more than enough to get those furniture models and much more.

What about the license for those two files?

They both have a creative commons attribution 3.0 license. To comply with the license terms, you have to give credits to the author. Besides that you can use the furniture models on commercial projects with no restrictions, as long you give credits.

If you want to get some additional furniture models or assets from BlendSawp, we recently made a list of the best resources posted there last month. In the list, you will find assets in CC-BY and CC0 licenses.

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