Free download of a LP Centrum pendant lamp for Blender

Last week a friend of mine asked me to model a LP Centrum pendant lamp for an interior design project, to me most specific it was part of a lobby for a commercial building. The client wanted a LP Centrum pendant lamp on the ambient, and to help him I manage to create the model. If you want to download the LP Centrum pendant lamp, just hit the link to get the file saved in Blender 2.57. And to make this even more interesting, I recorded the modeling section as a time-lapse video, to show how the LP Centrum was created. Here it is:

Modeling a LP Centrum in Blender from Allan Brito on Vimeo.

Most of the model was created using curves and the Spin tool. This is not the only way to create this pendant lamp, but I find this way was faster than using polygons.

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  • Stugys

    You modeling mistakes are that you model just visible parts, if you put that lamp in interior scene and put camera in lower pozition it will be visible that for stripes are missing length they dont support bottom rounded parts

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