Tutorial HeeksCAD: Another free AutoCAD alternative

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Among all free alternatives to AutoCAD we have FreeCAD and HeeksCAD on top of the list as the best options for open source CAD solutions. Last week I already posted a small tutorial I found about how to use FreeCAD and today we keep going with the free CAD series and the tutorials shows how to get started with HeeksCAD. The videos were created by a user called RepRapLogPhase and show some of the basics of HeeksCAD. In the first video of the series we have a quick intro do the HeeksCAD interface with an overview of the tool.

Here is the set of videos:

From the second video to the end we get a quick look on how to create simple 2d shapes like circles, squares and other shapes. At the third video we learn how to work with reference points and to finish the series, an overview of the transform tools like copy, move and scale.

If you trying to migrate from AutoCAD, or another CAD tool, to a open source solution, those tutorials will help you to get started with HeeksCAD.

Architectural glass shader


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