BlenderBIM bounty to improve construction drawing generation

One of the projects that are showing some impressive results regarding architectural modeling in Blender is the BlenderBIM. It adds many features to Blender, which makes it handle and generate BIM data in IFC format. You already can do a lot with BlenderBIM, but some parts could significantly improve.

A field that needs some extra work is the construction drawing generation. This segment of BlenderBIM already works, but it is not user friendly and requires many steps. Here is an example of construction drawings created with BlenderBIM.

(Click to enlarge)

You can find several other examples of projects developed with BlenderBIM using the existing construction drawing generation.

To improve the system, the leading developer of BlenderBIM (Dion Moult) created a bounty to gather resources. You can help by providing improvements to the code or financially. The bounty title is Make construction drawing generation like, really, really awesome.

How can we help? Like I mentioned before, you can make contributions to the source code or with a donation. As always, you don’t have to donate to keep using BlenderBIM. It will remain free and open-source.

Another option is to spread the word about this bounty and how BlenderBIM is turning Blender into a powerful BIM solution, backed by IFC files. One of the few options to create open BIM solutions.

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