New feature in development: 3d ruler for precision modeling with Blender

A new feature of Blender will probably help architectural visualization artists that want even more control over precision modeling. A 3d ruler and protractor were added to the latest builds of Blender and will most likely be available on the next stable release (2.67). If you want to check this new feature right away, you can download the latest build of Blender from the Blender BuildBot. Just a warning, those are Blender builds that are not considered stable, so be aware of bugs and potential problems. Do not use them for important projects!

Do you want to know how this new rules works? I did record a quick video showing the ruler in action:

To use the ruler just follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Ruler/Protractor” button to activate the ruler
  • Click with the left mouse button and drag to draw the ruler
  • Click with the left mouse button and hold down CTRL to snap the ruler to the 3d model
  • Click at an existing ruler to turn it into an protractor

You will find more information about the 3d ruler in this link.

Blender 3D Architect Pro


  • Han

    This is great feature. I hope I can use this function soon in stable version soon.

  • ron

    Thanks… looking very good. Can you measure to center line of an object, since this is the most common method for computing measurements in architectural frame construction. Actually, for most construction and lots of machine design.

    Hope you can add this.

    thanks for your wonderful work.

  • W

    wow…. amazing

  • Questioner

    Very Interesting… I have a one noob question. The display of the size auto-update themselves after a scale of the model?

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