IFC.js adds OBJ export support to send projects to Blender

Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

One of the dreams of many professionals working in the architectural visualization business is the possibility of having a full web-based workflow. Unlike many professionals that can easily have all their tools in the cloud, we still need powerful workstations to create 3D models and render.

Some projects are trying to send tools and resources to work on web-based environments like IFC.js and create an amazing way of visualizing projects in a browser.

In a recent update, the project received an option allowing it to export OBJ files.

What does that mean? You can send a visualization project using the web straight to Blender or any other tool supporting OBJ files.

The IFC.js is already an impressive project based on open-source tools and technology. You can take a BIM design and export it so that anyone with an internet connection and a browser can view and interact with the project. It turns an architectural design into a 3D interactive environment for the web.

As a bonus, you can view the project on a smartphone and navigate using your fingers as if it was a photo.

Did I mention that it is a free and open-source project?

Architectural glass shader


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