Blender for VFX and architecture

When we talk about architectural visualization with Blender, most of us just associate the idea of creating images for potential projects that have a potential to get built. But, as digital artists, we have a much broader field to put architectural modeling and visualization skills to work.

Have you ever imagine yourself working in the VFX industry? Can Blender do that? Sure! Here is an example of great architectural and scenarios created with Blender and rendered using Cycles.

A show named The man in the high castle available in the streaming service provided by Amazon is using Blender for their virtual scenarios and more. In a recent AMA on Reddit, the crew from Barnstorm VFX, which is the company responsible for the visual effects shared all details about the use of Blender.

Here is a quick reel of their work for the show.

If you have watched the show you know that it requires a lot of work on scenarios, because the story happens in a dystopic universe were, the Allies lost WWII. All the main American cities must receive changes on architecture and urban spaces to comply with this reality.

The company responsible uses mainly Blender and Cycles to render their projects and is an excellent example of how we can expand your field of work for architectural visualization.

To know more about their work, just visit Barnstorm VFX website and check their open jobs positions. One of the requirements is to know Blender.

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