Free concrete textures in 4K for architecture

There are a few types of textures that you can't live without for architectural visualization projects. We can put on the list textures like wood, bricks, and concrete. All around the world you will find at least a small part of a project that uses some of those textures.

Do you want to increase your texture library with a set of maps for concrete? An artist called 3DPhilipp made the following maps for concrete:

  • Albedo
  • Normal
  • Metalness
  • Roughness
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Height

The resolution for all maps is 4096 X 4096 (4K), which will make any surface you apply to have a lot of detail on higher resolution renders.

With that much maps to use you can craft some impressive materials in Cycles using the brand new Principled BSDF for Cycles, or Eevee. Since they can take advantage of PBR materials, you will get impressive results using all the maps.

How to download the textures? Follow this link, and it will lead you to Gumroad, where the artist is asking for donations before each download. If you want to download the maps for free, just place zero on the value. But, if you find it useful for commercial projects I strongly suggest a donation.

To download the collection for free, you just have to type zero on the value. But, if you have plans to use the resource with commercial projects it would be nice to reward the artist.

Unfortunately, no information about licensing is available in the description of the texture collection.

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