Free CC0 textures from Texture Haven

A couple of days ago we did announce a possible new source of free creative commons zero textures, using a similar model from the well known HDRI Haven. At the time, only a countdown in the domain Texture Haven showed a possible release date.

The countdown is over, and the site is now live! You can visit Texture Haven to get free CC0 PBR textures for your projects.

Looking at the site layout, you may think that it is also a project from Greg Zaal, which is running HDRI Haven. However, we have a Rod Tuytel as the principal author of Texture Haven.

The system works in a very similar way than HDRI Haven. He will rely on supporters on Patreon to keep publishing new textures and unlock more features, like for instance PNG versions of the textures.

Today you can get about 50 textures from the library, but only in JPG format and with a maximum resolution of 4k (4096). With time and the support of more artists, you will get the files in 8K and uncompressed PNG.

It is great to see another source of free CC0 textures. If you want to check more free sources of textures, we have some other recommendations in this list with the best sources for CC0 textures.

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