11 Free textures and HDR maps for architecture

The availability of free resources for digital art nowadays will make you lose track of all possible updates regarding textures and HDR maps, which you can use to improve your work in architectural visualization.

To help you get the latest resources from several online libraries will often put together a list with the newest resources available. The list has both free textures in creative commons zero license and also HDR maps.

Here is the list:

  1. New Texture : Roof 9
  2. New Texture: Paving Stones #43
  3. New Texture: Rock #19
  4. Indoor HDRI: Machine Shop 03
  5. New Texture : Wood Fine 24
  6. New Texture : Forest 2
  7. New Texture: Sign #01
  8. New Texture : Marble 14
  9. New Texture: Rock #18
  10. New Texture: Rock #17
  11. New Texture : Fabric 30

How to download? You have to visit each link and get the resource you need. In some cases, you will find textures with resolutions going up to 8k or more. Most of the sites don't even require you to sign up to download.

Any highlights from the list? Sure! You should give special attention to the Roof, Paving stones and fabric textures.

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