How to hide mesh based lights on Blender Cycles?

The use of mesh-based light in Blender Cycles is one of the most important elements to setup a good light for architecture. But, there is a small inconvenience with those types of lights. They are big planes or objects that emit light, which will result on them showing up on the rendering. If you don`t […]

Interior rendering with YafaRay and Blender

Another nice example of how YafaRay artists can produce quality architectural visualization with Blender, even without stable releases for the Blender 2.6x series. To use YafaRay with Blender today, you must download a custom build from, which is the easy way to get YafaRay working with Blender. An artist called stoneage posted at the […]

Modeling stairs in Blender for architecture

From all of the possible parts of any architectural project that we have to model, I believe the creation of stairs is one of the most difficult, especially for new users. In my classes about modeling for architecture with Blender, I always ask my students to create stairs to improve their modeling skills. For those […]

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