Weekly summary – Interior design process, Texture baking for architecture, Full kitchen project

In the last week of September, we once again send an incredible amount of content for our premium subscribers and started a new series on the Monday newsletter. The new series is all about the interior design process.

Interior design is something that eventually every architectural visualization artist will have to perform. Not only reproduce an existing space but to make decisions about furniture and colors.

The primary objective of such series is to give our subscribers a basic understanding of the principles that lead to such decisions. Like the type and style of furniture. A practical guide for you to use whenever necessary!

Besides that new guides, you will also find a useful tutorial about how to work with texture baking! Why would you want to learn about texture baking? Simple, with that technique you will be able to record light information in textures and take Cycles “anywhere”!

Regarding assets, our subscribers also received links to download a full kitchen project in Blender, and a varied collection of wood floor textures.

Here is the list of assets we send to premium subscribers:

  • Interior design process explained (PDF/ZIP – 0.38 MB)
  • Kitchen project with furniture and assets (ZIP – 140.73 MB)
  • Wood floor textures for architecture (ZIP – 151.68 MB)
  • Texture baking in Cycles for architecture (PDF/ZIP – 1.7 MB)

Do you want to become a premium subscriber? If you enroll until next Wednesday (10/04/2017), you will be able to get the September summary email. Once a month we send all links from the previous month to our subscribers, as a second chance to download the resources.

Here are the available plans:

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