Weekly summary – Align furniture with Python, Bedroom, Dining room and companion

In Blender 3D Architect we offer an excellent way for our readers to build their asset library for architectural visualization. That is the premium subscription! With a premium subscription, you will receive four times a week assets and downloadable guides related to architectural visualization.

Among the highlights of the last week, you will find an introductory guide to the use of Python to align furniture in Blender. A significant amount of artists would love to use more scripts in their workflows, but don’t know where to start.

The guide we sent last week is a great resource to start using Python because we explain all lines of code as if you didn’t have any previous experience with Python!

For the record that was the biggest guide, we made until today.

Here is a list of all resources we sent in the previous week:

  • Companion technologies for architectural visualization (PDF/ZIP – 0.91 MB)
  • Full bedroom project in Blender (ZIP – 175.61 MB)
  • Dining Room scene and furniture (ZIP – 53.24 MB)
  • Guide about aligning objects using Python (PDF/ZIP – 1.01 MB)

Notice that besides downloadable tutorials and guides, we also prepare full projects related to architectural visualization. The projects are all in the Blender native file format, and you can either use them for render practice or append assets to other projects.

How to become a premium subscriber? Here are the available plans:

Blender 3D Architect Pro


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