Premium assets summary: Child bed, Stereo chair and Pontoon table

In the past two weeks, we sent to our premium subscribers a significant amount of 3d models and assets for architectural visualization with Blender. Using that assets they will be able to quickly get a visualization project populated with furniture and decoration objects.

Here is the list of furniture models and assets that we sent:

  • Wheelchair model
  • Child bed with decoration objects
  • Stereo chair by Casamania
  • Pontoon table by Casamania
  • Vintage refrigerator

If you are a premium subscriber, you can download those models and hundreds more from the premium asset list at any moment.

All models are in the Blender native file format, and you can place them in your project with an Append command.

How to become a subscriber? Simple, you can choose from three plans that will give you access to all updates during the time of your subscription and also all previous downloads, for the six and twelve months plans:

Out subscribers receive weekly updates in an exclusive newsletter, with direct links to download new assets.

By getting a premium subscription, you will not only improve your asset library but also support Blender 3D Architect.

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