June 2017 Summary – Premium Subscribers

A couple of weeks ago we started a separate newsletter here in Blender 3D Architect, which is our premium newsletter! How does it work?

Premium subscribers receive useful resources for architectural visualization straight to their inboxes (twice a week), usually with a direct link to download. Those resources could feature resources like textures, furniture models or full scenes.

Some of those resources we create ourselves and others we adapt and convert to make it work with Blender. Always with permission from the authors.

If you are among the readers that decided to get a premium subscription, thank you!

Since we got lots of messages from readers asking about examples of content sent to premium subscribers, we decided to post a monthly summary of all resources sent to our premium subscribers during that period.

Notice that this first summary will be shorter because the list began just two weeks ago.

Here are all resources our subscribers got in the past weeks (June 2017):

  • Gym project with furniture (Blender file – 8.5MB)
  • Bricks textures (Image files – 79.5MB)
  • Living Room scene with furniture (Blender file – 132.3MB)
  • Waterfall textures for post-production (Image files – 52.2MB)

Premium subscribers receive theirs download links on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since links expire after a few days, all subscribers will also receive by the end of each month a message with links to download all resources from the previous month a second time.

How to become a premium subscriber? If you want to become a premium subscriber, you can choose one of the following plans:

What is next?

Starting this week, the amount of content sent to premium subscribers will grow! As a request from existing subscribers, we will include a day to sent downloadable articles that we call technical documents.What is a technical document?

What is a technical document?

It is a PDF file that describes or teaches you how to use a feature from Blender or related tools, that will help you with architectural visualization. With the support from our premium subscribers, we can create specialized content for architecture.

The new content will arrive on subscribers inbox every Friday. That makes our premium subscribers receive content three times a week!

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