July 2017 Summary – Premium Subscribers

Just a few days ago the Blender 3D Architect newsletter reached their 100th edition! That was a great milestone for us. Subscribers of the newsletter will receive a weekly summary from all articles we publish and also some resources, like furniture models and textures libraries for Blender.

As a way to offer even more content for our readers, we started a premium newsletter subscription. With that subscription, you will receive in your inbox additional resources for architecture.

Once a month our premium subscribers also receive a list of all downloads sent to them, as a second chance to get the files, in case they missed anything.

What did we send last month? Here is a list of resources our premium subscribers received in July:

  1. Closet project file (blend) – 2MB
  2. Meeting table (blend) – 80MB
  3. Cassina Bed (blend) – 18MB
  4. Clear Sky HDR – 20k-12k-6k (hdr) – 605MB
  5. Sofas collection (blend) – 67MB
  6. Seamless rock textures (PNG) – 90MB
  7. Restroom furniture pack (blend) – 20MB
  8. Compact kitchen model (blend) – 16MB
  9. Quick guide about TinyCAD (PDF) – 0.8MB
  10. Quick guide about lights for architecture in Cycles (PDF) – 0.3MB
  11. Quick guide about texture tiling for architecture (PDF) – 2.5MB
  12. Quick guide about architectural glass nodes for Cycles (PDF) – 1.3MB

That is the full list of resources our premium subscribers received on their inboxes!

As you can notice from the list, besides full projects and textures our subscribers also get downloadable tutorials in PDF. That was a request from our readers, and now we can produce them with the support from premium subscribers.

Do you want to become a premium subscriber and also receive resources straight to your inbox? We have the following subscription plans available:

If you subscribe until tomorrow (Wednesday), you will receive the links to all resources from the previous month.

And thank you to all premium subscribers! We have some great plans to expand and grow the amount of content we share with you.

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