Importing from the 3D Warehouse and roof modeling: Blender 3D Architect Pro reports

What is Blender 3D Architect Pro? It is a subscription-based section of our site where we post weekly tutorials and resources. Today, we send two tutorials that subscribers and either download or stream. All tutorials have the goal of expanding our content and are always related to architectural visualization and Blender.

This week, we posted two tutorials:

  • Modeling multiple slope roofs with textures: Learn how to create roofs with multiple slopes using displacement textures. (MP4 + assets)
  • Downloadable asset: Ceiling lamp (plastic material): A modern-look ceiling lamp with dark plastic material. (blend file)
  • Importing models from the 3D Warehouse to Blender: Import and use 3D models like furniture and assets from the 3D Warehouse to Blender. The tutorial covers all the steps and details about importing SketchUp files from one of the biggest online library assets for architecture. (MP4 + assets)

If you are a subscriber, check your inbox to download or stream the content. The download links don’t expire and will continue valid, even if you cancel the subscription.

The feedback from our subscribers has been fantastic, and if you are a Blender 3D Architect Pro subscriber, thank you!

Do you want to become a subscriber? We currently offer a 40% discount for new subscribers, and you can grab it here. The content is available from Gumroad, and you have several benefits:

  • Cancel the subscription at any time
  • Download or stream the content
  • Available on both Desktop and Gumroad mobile App (iOS and Android)
  • 70+ tutorials and source files (updates twice a week)
  • You keep access to the content received during the period of your subscription
  • 1 free workshop or course at the end of each month (New)

A new benefit introduced recently to all subscribers is the availability of a free workshop or course from Blender 3D Architect each month. As long as you have an active subscription by the end of each month, you will receive an access code for a 100% discount.

Since we plan to release one or two of those each month, you guarantee access to all of them as a subscriber. A great value added to the subscription. Last month, all subscribers received free access to the Technical drawing creation with Blender and Inkscape (Workshop).

Thanks again to all our subscribers that are supporting our work.

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