Guide about snapping, Kitchen Project and Chapel with furniture – Weekly Summary

Among the resources we share with our premium subscribers, we have some full architectural visualization projects. They will often be part of two main categories, which are residential and commercial spaces. But, a few of our subscribers were asking for different types.

And last week we started to add some variations to the projects. The first model that goes out from those two main categories is a chapel! You will find the full 3d project with furniture sent straight to your email if you are among the premium subscribers.

Besides that project, you will also have an excellent guide to the use of snapping tools in Blender! We made a comparison about snapping in Blender with a CAD tool like AutoCAD. If you use the right techniques, you can do a lot of precision modeling and draw in Blender!

Here is a list of resources we sent to premium subscribers along the week:

  • Kitchen project in Blender (ZIP – 102.79 MB)
  • Chapel project with furniture (ZIP – 91.64 MB)
  • Quick guide about snapping for precision modeling (ZIP – 0.21 MB)

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In case you are already a premium subscriber, thank you for your support, and we have great plans to expand the amount of content for you!

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