Free 3D sofa with pillows for architecture

The furniture models you choose for your project will help to add context, scale and a human touch to the image. For architectural visualization, those are requirements you can't ignore! That is the main reason for artists to invest so much time developing good furniture models.

For instance, when you have to create a model of a sofa you can't only create the object. You must also add secondary elements like pillows.

Do you want to add a 3d sofa that has a high amount of detail, including some pillows? A 3d artist called duncan778 posted at BlendSwap a model just like that.

It is a simple model, but with lots of small details and relatively high-density mesh. You will find textures and materials ready to use in Blender Cycles!

If you decide to download the model, don't forget about the license of use. It uses a creative commons by attribution license, which means you have to mention the author when you use the model in any project.

How to download from BlendSwap? You just have to register for a free account there, and you will have access to the file.

Do you want to get even more assets like this one? Better yet, what about full architectural projects made with Blender? That is the kind of our premium subscribers have access every week!

Here are the available plans:

Blender 3D Architect Pro


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