Python for digital artists

Most digital artists have a list of skills that they would love to improve or develop over time. But, there is one particular type that will make gaze upon a monitor and wonder how to get started.

I'm talking about scripting.

I do know that a significant amount of 3d artists and readers from Blender 3D Architect would love to get started with scripting. Not only because of all benefits from being able to create custom tools. But also, to allow them to make changes to the code that could help them on their jobs.

Do you want to learn Python for digital artists? You should take a look at our latest course about image manipulation with Python for digital artists. It is training that has a focus on digital artists, willing to get started with scripting.

Python is a fantastic option to start scripting, not only because Blender and other tools embrace the language. It is also one of the most friendly languages to scripting. A simple syntax makes it incredibly easy to write.

Our online course will teach you how to start and apply Python on image processing! Something that most digital artists have to do on a daily basis. Tasks like resizing, cropping, optimizing, masking, filtering and more.

Using Python to process images will allow a digital artist to apply that knowledge immediately! You can create your custom tools to process images and solidify the newly acquired Python skills.

The course has a focus on people with no previous background in scripting or programming languages. It is for digital artists that want to start using Python.

That might be the jumpstart you need to start later working with Python for 3d applications, like Blender.

In case you don't know, Python is open source and completely free to use.

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