Mixing Add-ons for advanced effects (Grassblade and Scatter)

If you are serious about your visualization projects in Blender, I strongly recommend you to start investing in Add-ons that can give an edge in specific tasks. For instance, it is inevitable to need some vegetation models to populate a garden or landscape in exterior visualization projects. Can we create that with no Add-ons? Sure, but it will take precious time and resources that you could spend somewhere else, like on rendering.

A common question that we get from our readers is about the best picks for Add-ons in that field. Should you get one and try to use that in all projects? That depends on your needs, and in some cases, it is possible for the models produced by those Add-ons to get unique effects.

Here is an example of the newly released Grassblade and Scatter.

In the video, we have the plants from Grassblade with the procedural wind of Scatter. The example shows that we could easily mix tools from multiple Add-ons to create advanced effects.

Source: Twitter

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