Dimension lines for Blender with the caliper Add-on

Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

What if I told you that it is possible to add dimension lines in Blender? This is possible again to work with dimension lines with Blender, because one of my favorite Add-ons from the old days for Blender 2.49 is back to version 2.6. The caliper script is a really nice add-on developed by an artist called macouno. A few weeks ago macouno started to work on caliper again, and back there he sent me an e-mail asking to post a note here on Blender 3d Architect about his work, which I unfortunately forget. And for that I apologize.

To make it up to macouno and show how we support his efforts to bring caliper back to Blender 2.6x, go to the Blenderartists forums and make a comment about the script, or go straight to his web site to download caliper. If you like caliper and think it may help you on your projects, consider making a donation and support macouno’s work.

But, how it works? To find out how caliper works on Blender 2.6x, check out this video tutorial produced by viralata.

Architectural glass shader


  • Karl.S

    French spotted in the video (LOL).
    Really nice Addon, it could be very useful, I am gonna try it soon.
    Thank you Allan !

  • tonio

    Merci pour le franglais compréhensible par le non anglophile que je suis!

    Addon bien pratique mais quand même dérisoire pour un soft 3D professionnel comme blender…

  • Joel Godin

    Nice addon. Would be more useful if after setting size, font, track-to parameters, that you can duplicate the caliper and all settings follow to the new one.

  • randy sanders

    does it work in Imperial units, Too?

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