Blender as a CAD tool: Using the Set Precise Mesh add-on

When working with architectural modeling in Blender, you will probably want all the tools and options available to have full control over measurements. That is a critical feature of any software willing to make 3D models for architecture.

There already some great tools in Blender for precision modeling, and you can improve those options even further with some useful add-ons.

Today I would like to recommend another one of those add-ons called Set Precise Mesh. The add-on can help us with something simple yet useful for architecture. It gives us an option to set lengths for any edge. It also has an option for angles, but we will focus on the length feature.

Before we start talking about Set Precise Mesh, you have to download and install it from this link. By the way, the add-on is free.

Once you install it, a new tab at the Viewport Sidebar appears.

There you have all options related to the Set Precise Mesh. To use the add-on, you have to select an edge in Edit Mode and set your desired length.

Press the “Set length” button to change your edge size. Here are a few simple rules to use Set Precise Mesh:

  • You must be in Edit Mode and with vertex selection
  • In a selection, you will always move the last selected vertex (active)
  • By enabling the “Use two directions” option, you can move both vertices

The add-on might not show much use during the creation of 3D models, but it can shine on edits and fixes. If you discover a model with an inaccurate length, it is easy to set the correct values.

Using Blender for architecture

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