Blender 2.53: How to use the Bevel Weight tool

Since the release of Blender 2.53 in Beta stage I began to test in my architectural visualization workflow. This is a much better release to start testing your modeling workflow, since a beta release is more stable than the previous alpha. But, like most of the experienced Blender users I`m unable to find some of the options. For instance, the Bevel Weight tool to use with Bevel Modifier that allows us to add a chamfer to only selected edges of any 3d model. I use this tool a lot for furniture modeling and it seems unavailable in 2.53.

After a few minutes of searching in the Blenderartists forums I found a great solution to workaround this problem. Actually, the Bevel Weight is available in Blender 2.53, but we can only reach it using Python. The guys from project Tube posted a Python script that work as an addon for Blender 2.53 and call the Bevel Weight tool. The video below shows how to use the script.

I hope that this tool is available with the stable release of Blender 2.50, because for furniture modeling it is an incredible feature to use along with the Bevel Modifier.

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  • seeco

    This tool is available in blender 2.53 ! No need to use a python script ! In edit mode, T key, Mesh options, select Tag Bevel in Edge Tag Mode – In the 3d view, with Edge Select Mode, CTRL+RMB on a edge… and add a Bevel modifier..

  • KK

    Hi Allan,
    New to blender and just aware of the nightly builds for the app. I only have the main file available at as release 2.53 r30581. I did try downloiading the python script and does appear this only works with a later release r30984 as per comment on the download site Thought worth to have this included here for any other persons benefit.
    On a side note, when I install blender, a while back it asked to install python, that was with earlier versions prior to 2.5, is 2.5 automatically installing python? any way to check if it is installed?

  • Matias

    Good feature for use in architectural visualization, one thing that i missed is the posibility to get rounded bevels, entering a distance/radius, i remember some past versions of blender have this posibilities…

  • Ian

    “one thing that i missed is the posibility to get rounded bevels”

    You can add multiple bevel modifiers. It starts to look rounded at about the third level.

  • Faruk Dee

    Thanks a lot people! You guys are great! I had this same problem for a while now, just this forum solved all my problems. Bless y’all, cheers 🙂

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