Archipack Add-on for architectural modeling

Blender has an incredible ecosystem of Add-ons that allow users to create all kinds of tools and automation. Some of those Add-ons are a must have for architecture visualization artists. Recently, I found another one of those tools that you should take a look!

The Archipack Add-on is an incredible collection of tools that will allow any architectural visualization artist using Blender, to create architectural elements quickly. One of the features that I like the most on the Add-on is the “drag and drop.” It is a project from Stephen Leger and is available for free.

You can create elements like walls, windows, and doors. By using only the mouse and some indications from the Add-on interface, you can resize, rotate and change all elements using simple interactions.

Here is a quick preview of the Add-on:

It takes some time to get used to the interaction controls, but once you understand the nature of all controls and handles, architectural modeling will become quite comfortable.

The Add-on won't create all types of basic primitives for architecture, but it works with some of the most common. It is a great starting point for any architectural visualization project. After you have all walls set, it will be just a matter of refining the model.

You can download the Archipack from this link.

If you are one of the students of our course about architectural modeling with Blender, a brand new lesson (Lesson 08) is available! I did a detailed explanation of how Archipack works on lesson 8. That is a free update.

Do you want to create your parametrical models? You can learn how to make them on the course about parametric modeling for architecture with Blender.

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