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Filetype: PDF | Pages: 324 | Chapters: 8 | Project files: Included | Blender 2.8x or 2.9x

The use of parametric controls for 3D modeling in any software can transform your workflow and give you the flexibility to quickly change the shape of any 3D Object. In Blender, you won't find parametric controls as a default option, but using the right tools, it is possible to add those parametric options.

If you use Drivers, Shape Keys, Hooks, and Custom Properties, you will be able to create parametric controls that will help in architectural modeling projects and also animations. You will be able to add properties to objects that works based on a context.

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Book contents

The book teaches you how to add parametrical controls to objects in Blender using a collection of tools such as:

  • Drivers
  • Shape Keys
  • Hooks
  • Custom Properties
  • Expressions (Python)

Here is a list of topics covered by the book:

  • Understand what are parametric controls
  • Prepare a model to receive parametric controls
  • Add Hooks to parts of a model for deformation controls
- Use Shape Keys to create different “snapshots” of a 3D model
  • Create Drivers to connect properties of objects
  • Add Custom Properties to objects
  • Connect Custom Properties to Drivers
  • Use math expressions to control object property
  • Create conditional transformations with ternary operators
  • Make a library of reusable parametric objects
  • Transfer models between projects

Do you want to learn how to add parametric controls to objects in Blender? With the Blender parametric modeling book, you will learn all the steps necessary to create such controls. The book covers all necessary aspects of the process, which will also involve some basic math to create expressions to control objects.

Blender and parametric controls

What will you learn with Blender parametric modeling? The book has a practical approach to Blender 2.83 LTS and 2.9 tools and features, using examples and guides to describe how you can perform the most important tasks related to parametric modeling.

Here is a list of all the chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Preparing for parametric modeling
  • Chapter 2 – Drivers for connecting properties
  • Chapter 3 – Custom properties and Drivers
  • Chapter 4 – Shape keys and Hooks
  • Chapter 5 – Parametric walls
  • Chapter 6 – Parametric furniture models
  • Chapter 7 – Parametric stairs
  • Chapter 8 – Creating a parametric model asset library

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