How to choose a monitor for architectural visualization?

As a follow up in the series of articles about the best options to get hardware for architectural visualization, it is time to talk about monitors. How do you choose your monitors? Do you get the most significant size available or by resolution?

Those are all exceptional characteristics of equipment like a monitor, but none of them will give you an edge in architectural visualization. Since you are working with a creative design that has a strong visual appeal. The primary concern for that material is color.

Just imagine a scenario where you spend hours or days working on a project. Setting textures and finding the best possible arrangement in the Node Editor. When it is time to show the project to the customer, he complains that all colors are inaccurate. Either too saturated or washed.

Since every color looked beautiful in your monitor, you keep wondering where colors got different from your initial setup.

Who’s to blame? The usual suspect here is your monitor.

Monitor for architectural visualization

Having and working with a monitor that doesn’t have support for the full range of sRGB might result in that type of situation. You get the colors right on your computer, just to find out that they show entirely different from other displays.

monitor for architectural visualization

If you have plans to get new hardware for architectural visualization, we manage to make a list of models that have high accuracy in colors. They have an aim in creative professionals, in need of such type of feature.

All models in the following list have options for different sizes, resolutions, prices, and refresh rates. What they have in common is color accuracy.

Here is the list:

You will spend a little extra for that type of feature, but it will payback in the long term! Just by getting your architectural renders with the correct color setup.

Don't forget to check our article from last week, about the best graphics cards for architectural visualization.

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