Parametric modeling for architecture with Blender

I really like to model in Blender, and it is not just because I`m used to the Blender interface and commands. In my classes I must deal with 3d modeling with several 3d suites like 3ds Max and Maya for modeling, and somehow I feel that things works faster with Blender for polygon modeling. And with B-Mesh now, I feel that it is even easier to create 3d models for architecture.

Do I miss anything on Blender for architectural modeling? Sure! For instance, I would love to get features like parametric modeling or even BIM related tools. What if I told you that there is a way to work with parametric modeling for architecture with Blender right now? The solution is pretty simple and involves the use of drivers in Blender. An artist called Lukas Treyer posted some clever solutions to create parametric controls for architectural models on his blog.

The video below shows an example of a driver-controlled stairway:

If you want to check out the solution, the blend file for this driver setup is available to download, along with other examples.

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