New Remesh modifier might help architectural modeling in Blender

One of the techniques that I try to avoid during modeling is the use of a Boolean modifier to create geometry. If you ever used a Boolean modifier on a project, you probably noticed that this modifier adds a lot of triangular faces to the polygon structure. This is really to make changes to the model on the future, because we wont have anymore the regular edge loops of the model. But, in the near future this might not be a problem anymore with the new Remesh modifier, which is still in development. The video below is a quick demo of the modifier that was produced by Nicolas Bishop.

Second dual contouring remesh modifier screencast from Nicholas Bishop on Vimeo.

Now, we will be able to use the Boolean modifier for architectural modeling with no concerns about getting a messy topology.

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  • Anand

    ya sound like good. how can i install this modifier to blender. i installed using addons but nothing happen! any idea

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