More architectural modeling tutorials with Blender 2.5

Just a few days ago I posted here on the Blog a tutorial created by an artist called Viralata, where he shows in a video how to create roof ridge tiling with Dupliframes in Blender 2.49. There are two more tutorials from the same author available, and this time using Blender 2.5. The two tutorials covers topics related with roof modeling and both make a great example of how to use the Array Modifier for architecture. The first tutorial shows how to create roof tiles with a random factor for position and color.

In the second tutorial, the author explains how to create a forest using a similar technique. I still prefer to use something like a plane with alpha textures to create forests, but the technique may be useful on other modeling contexts.

Here is the first tutorial about roof tiles:

T&T Blender for architecture n°2: a roof with some randomness from Viralata on Vimeo.

And the second, about the creation of a forest.

T&T Blender for Architecture n°2.5 : Make a forest with the Array Modifier from Viralata on Vimeo.

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