Modeling furniture: Antique sofa in Blender

Most of the furniture modeling tutorials available on the Internet deals with modern and contemporary pieces of furniture. The lack of tutorials and material about antique furniture modeling is quite simple. In architectural visualization projects people try to add modern pieces of furniture, making the demand for antique pieces really low. I`m my case, I have never deal with a project that demanded an antique piece of furniture.

But, in some cases like animation projects that must use a determined piece of furniture for scenarios. This is the case of an artist called Hans B Erickson, which is creating an interesting series of antique furniture models for an animation project. He is working on a short film project, and manages to create some interesting pieces of antique furniture.

Below you will find the first part of a series where he shows how to create an antique sofa in Blender.

WIP – Modeling an Antique Sofa Part 1 from Hans B Erickson on Vimeo.

Here are the links for the other parts of the series:

To know more about his work, visit

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