Exporting from AutoCAD to Blender directly

As an architectural visualization artist working with Blender you probably has already tried several times to export a 2d drawing from AutoCAD to Blender, and caught yourself trying to find ways to get all 2d drawings to Blender. There are several ways to do that using DXF files and even libraries that help to read DWG files directly. But, wouldn’t it be better if we could find an easier and faster way to get AutoCAD data do Blender? That is exactly what a Blender and AutoCAD user called 1D_Inc thought.

He is developing an AutoLISP script that exports all AutoCAD 2d data to an OBJ file! And guess what? Blender can import OBJ files by default. The trick is to add a way for AutoCAD to create an OBJ file with 2d data, instead of the default file that only has 3d objects.

And 1D_Inc is already making progress!


If you want to keep track of the updates on the development of this AutoLISP script, go check this thread at the Blenderartists forums.

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  • András Pomsár

    Exporting from ArchiCad to Blender is possible via .3ds format too – in my atelier we use this format since a few year without problems.
    By the way I’m curious why to export 2D drawings from ArchiCad to Blender…
    We use Blender for texturing, augmenting the scene with different accessories, render and animate the scene. But modelling a building generally much more easy in Archicad (or with another architectural program) than in Blender.
    This video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-EQhTQg2EE) was made this way.

  • JonasF

    I also don’t think that is necessary to import autocad stuff to blender i’ve tried that few times.

    I disagree with András, It is comfortable to model architecture with blender, when you deal with more custom projects, but you will never need that 100 accurate model, especally for architectural renderings, so it is much more effective to use printscreened images for references than mess with imported geometry.

  • Artan

    the best way i,’ve found is blender 2.49 import dxf. It brings in all geometry as curves but very accurate.

  • Voltapagine

    Obj is better for blender! No problems for the texture and geometries 2d, 3d.
    Dxf is often a problem.

  • GTOrg

    Yes the best way its to import a 2D DXF on 2.49. U can in-or decrease the level of detail during import, also a lot of other adjustments. I used it many times in my work. Hope a good dxf importer will com for further Blender releases.


  • 1D_Inciner

    Well, glad to see that topic here =)
    So, basically it started as pointcloud reducer by reading every Nth point from AutoCad to Blender. It were succed.

    Currently it is linear geometry direct exporter, that is with close enough to DXF 2.49 exporter functionality, and abilities to set
    =selection. You can export just what you need.
    =object’s bylayer distribution (it writes acad layers as materials).
    =curve split density.
    =pointcloud density.
    =precision of output data.
    =scene scaling .

    It has no ability to write any Faced geometry, but currently I’m producing a fork for Intellicad-based applicatoins support . ZWCAD support is almost ready, Briscad support is current for development.
    If you need it, you are welcome=)

  • 1D_Inciner

    I’m so glad to see that topic here =)
    Basically, it were started as AutoCAD pointcloud reducer via export for Blender.
    Now It is AutCAD/Intellicad to Blender exporter with functionality that is close to 2.49 DXF exporter, with abilities:
    =set selection. You can export only elements, that you want to export.
    =reduce pointclouds density.
    =set curves splitting density.
    =disperse objects bylayer/type/entity (layers are converted to materials).
    =scale scene

    It doesnot supports for any 3dfaced objects (for yet linear 2d/3d data is supported only), and currently is developing for Intellicad-based applications. Now it’s fork fully supports for ZWCAD 2019, and continues developing for Briscad v9.

  • 1D_Inciner

    It’s very pleasant to see that new inhere =)
    Currently my Lisp supports for linear geometry with very close functionality to 2.49 DXF exporter. If you need it, like I do, you’re welcome!

  • Bruno

    Another way to import 2d drawings in blender from ACAD is exporting in .eps, then converting it to .svg using illutrator, inkscape, or another vector graphic soft…

  • 1DInc

    Hello there!
    I want to say, that I’ve updated my script to import ability.
    Now you can export your drawings (and models, in some way) back to AutoCAD.

    Thank you for attention!

  • Sergo Cusiani

    I am not sure if I am the first who did it, the only option that works (with 3D solids) is using Datamine Studio software (survey/mining/geology) to import the DWG file into Datamine, then export it as DXF. This DXF file exported from Datamine can easily be imported to Blender. I think Blender developers should probably ask Datamine Software team what kind of DXF they produce. Datamine is commercial software.

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