Free furniture 3d models: Rustic collection

Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

The easiest types of furniture we find at online libraries are the modern designs from the fifties, sixties or the seventies. But, if you ever tried to look for something like a rustic design you probably didn’t find too many options. Well, on my daily browsing at BlendSwap I found a collection of furniture models that might be interesting for architectural visualization. The collection is made of rustic furniture models, already with textures and all setup to be rendered on Cycles.

The collection could be bigger, but it could help any architectural visualization artist to expand his/her furniture library or to be used as reference to create another rustic furniture models based on the same textures and shapes. This collection was shared by an artist called chocofur, and the files are licensed as creative commons CC-BY-SA.

Free furniture download - Rustic collection

Architectural glass shader


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