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Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

The process of creating a library to use on architectural visualization projects is really time-consuming, because we usually don`t have a clue about the type of furniture that will be necessary for a project, until we get the project. This is one of the reasons I`m always looking for new models to add on my personal library. Last week I found a great armchair model that might be useful for someone, and it was created by a Brazilian designer called Heriton Gonçalves. The chair was all modeled and rendered with Blender, and was based on a design he saw at a magazine. You can download the free armchair model, directly at his web site. Since the text is on Brazilian Portuguese, the link uses a translation from Google.

If you can`t download, here is a direct link to the file.


The final model and render is pretty good, and this armchair might be useful for lots of projects.

Architectural glass shader


  • Xen Wildman

    Allan, good to see you pick up pace with the blog posts. I enjoy seeing them no matter how minor.

  • Allan Brito

    Thanks Xen,

    I`m trying to keep at least one new post everyday.


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