Free download of contemporary chairs

There is a time when a good furniture collection can be a lifesaver, and for architectural visualisation artists, it is always good to get options related to different types of furniture. Here is a fabulous collection of contemporary chairs offered by Swedish studio Swedese. All files are free to download and can be included in anyone's furniture library. But, there is a small problem for artists using only Blender. All files are available as DWG files. At first, this can be an issue since the most supported CAD format supported by Blender is DXF.


If you want to use these models in Blender, a good workaround is to make use of the AutoCAD Web app and upload the files as DWG. And then convert them to DXF. In fact, you can use this procedure to turn any DWG file to DXF and use in Blender.

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