FreeCAD: Using the BSpline and extrude

Here is another tutorial about FreeCAD, which is an open-source alternative to AutoCAD. If you are looking for a way to work with CAD on Linux, Windows or Mac OS X and replace AutoCAD, then you should consider looking into FreeCAD. In the video below, you will be introduced to the Bspline tool of FreeCAD and the extrude. Both tools can be used to create architectural drawings, along with the stardard

Since people always ask me about free alternatives to AutoCAD that can be used on Linux, I believe FreeCAD is on the top of my list of free alternatives to AutoCAD. And it has a number of great features in development, like geometric constrains for 2D drawings.

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  • k

    Narocad cannot be a real alternative. Is’s locked to .NET and Windows, so it’s useless to Linux/Mac/BSD or ChromeOS users.

  • Normand C.

    NaroCAD looks very interesting, unfortunately it is only available on Windows. To my knowledge it is developped in .NET, which means it won’t ever be available on other platforms.

    BTW I don’t see how NaroCAD and HeeksCAD can be considered as AutoCAD alternatives, since they cannot (yet?) export 3D models to 2D views. The only one at the moment doing that is FreeCAD, albeit in a limited fashion (for now).

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