FreeCAD: Using geometry constraints for 2D CAD

A great companion to Blender for any architectural visualization artist using only open source software is an open source CAD tool. From all the available options, FreeCAD is one of my favorite choices in this area due to the already great number of features, and the active development. In fact, we have some great new tools in development right now for FreeCAD. One of the new features on development is called Sketcher, which will add constraint-solver capabilities to FreeCAD. This means that we will be able to draw with geometry-constrained 2D shapes. This is a great tool to use if you want to speed up your drawing workflow.

Below, we can see two quick demo videos of the Sketcher feature, showing some of the geometry-based constraints.

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  • AlexDS

    Alan, please tell me, what software do you use for making and printing your final blue prints of you projects?

    i understand you do those in blender and after where do you take them, in order to put dimensions and the correct scale and all the technical drawings the are needed on a blueprint paper.

  • AlexDS

    Allaaaan, please answer meee!!

  • Allan Brito

    Hi Alex,

    I`m an old QCAD user and use it on both macosx and linux to do most of my technical drawing. But, I`m starting to migrate to FreeCAD to adopt it as my main CAD software.

    I also have a DoubleCAD Free, which I use to convert files that I receive from clients and eventually I do create a few drawings there.

  • AlexDS

    Thank you Allan for your sharing, but i am astonished to know that it can be made professional blueprints with qcad aka caduntu aka libreCad.
    I really enojoy working with Blender, but the problem comes when i try to create blue prints and sections and elevations of the projects (by the way i’m an interior designer).
    I have tried using Qcad-Caduntu-LibreCad but i cannot picture professional papers printed out of them.

    It would be nice if you could show a presentation or like a little tutorial with things you have done, apart of modeling stuff into blender, by that i mean seeing some final papers with dimensions sections and elevation of some of your buildings for example. I think is hard to find these kind of thing on internet.
    it would be nice to see those in your site;) i’m a follower so, hope is see something like this here.

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