Free download of trees for architectural visualization

An architectural visualization artist must build a great library of resources like textures and models to use, to use them whenever a project requires some of those items from the library. The ability to use items from a library over and over again can really make the difference on the time we spend on research for a project. This is the reason why I am always downloading free assets from the web. Today I just found another one that will be a great addition to anyoneís library. The guys from Xfrog just placed a free library of 130 3d trees for download, and all of them are compatible with Blender.

The trees are saved as OBJ files, and we can import them easily to Blender. So, go there and start to place new trees on your projects.


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  • filip

    I have downloaded the Fl60 Zingbider officinale Ginger obj.
    I extract the rar file.
    In blender I enable the Lightwave plugin and I import the blend files.
    I have only a nice 3D drawing in Black and white without the leafs.
    I see there are also mtl ? files and tif files of leafs.

    What am I doing wrong ?

  • filip

    There is a bit of colour and maybe some leafs when I render it.
    But it is still very coarse.
    I am probably doing something wrong again.

  • Yehppael

    The link is dead

  • Milad Thaha

    Great resource! Thanks Allan 😀

  • Milad Thaha

    Erm, link is broken now.

  • Allan Brito

    It is working again.

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