Architectural visualization and video presentation

A long time ago, all you would need to make a great presentation of a Project is a good set of skills on painting and illustration in crayons or watercolor. If you are going to work on with architectural visualization, you may have noticed that this market is not much different from advertisement or even commercial animation. There are a few projects that gain a status of blockbuster movies for presentation, with special effects, actors and advanced composition tricks to make the project really come to life.

If you want to have a good idea of how sophisticated those projects and presentations are today, I can recommend the videos produced by Neoscape. Some of their videos are available in Youtube and with a very good quality.

Here is an example of a video for a school project:

As we can see by the video, the total process of presenting a project is far more complex than simply create a 3d model and hit render. You will need a script, storyboard and a full set of pre-production stages to create a video presentation like this.

If you work with Blender 3d as a tool to create animations for architecture, there are a few things that you have in your hands to aid in these kinds of productions. For instance, having a 3d software with a video sequencer is a great advantage, since all the material can be added to the sequencer, even without the finished project. Working with scenes in Blender 3d is a great advantage as well, to create animatics and other pre-visualization tools. What other tool allows us to edit and cut a video, even before rendering?

What can we learn from this example? Well, the market for this type of presentation is very competitive and demands the same amount of technical skills, require for advertisement or commercial animations. If you still haven`t worked with layered animations, or composition for video, I strongly recommend you to start out!

This is something I always recommend to my student in my classes about Blender, and overall 3d animation, sometimes it`s better to be a generalist in computer graphics!

I don`t know about the market in other countries, but here in Brazil most companies only hire artists with a generalist profile.

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  • Alain

    The video is no longer avaible 🙁

    Can you put it back please ?

  • Allan Brito

    Hi Alain,

    The video is updated. Here is a direct link, if anything odd happens:


  • francesco

    the presentation is rather kitsch, but the design is pure crap

  • Alain

    Nice example, I guess it’s done by Max (Evermotion people and trees).
    Have a look at the animation part of, this is pure swiss quality 😉

    Do you think someone could achieve this quality with blender ?
    I think and hope it’s possible.

    How do you think about it ?

    Kind regards

  • Yorik

    Cool article, neither de design nor the exterior 3D is very good, but, as you say, the overall composition of the video is very good, you don’t see such things very often in arch viz…

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