SketchUp Pro 2024 released: How to download?

Transitioning a whole workflow to Blender poses a significant challenge for many professionals in architecture and design. They must adapt to considerable changes in tools and resources. A large number of these professionals rely on established tools like SketchUp and may also need to use Blender for creating additional content or rendering projects.

Among the tools utilized by architects and designers, SketchUp stands out as a particularly popular choice. Here in Blender 3D Architect, we receive lots of requests to create content about SketchUp, especially for people looking to migrate to Blender. Making comparisons between them.

The software received an update yesterday, making SketchUp Pro 2024 available for download. This year’s release breaks the pattern of minor updates, introducing several noteworthy features to SketchUp Pro 2024.

A major update includes the addition of an Ambient Occlusion feature to enhance visualization in the viewport. This addition, while not putting SketchUp in direct competition with Blender Cycles, significantly improves the quality of 3D models and projects in SketchUp 2024 by offering more realistic views of 3D objects.

Besides that we have a few other improvements:

  • SketchUp's New Graphics Engine
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Add Location
  • IFC Import and Export Improvements
  • USDZ & gITF Interoperability
  • Scan Essentials Ground Mesh
  • Modeling Improvements
  • Versionless LayOut
  • Improved Inferencing
  • Non-Scalable Labels

Additionally, this release fixes numerous bugs.

Many architects prefer SketchUp for its user-friendly interface and the LayOut feature, which facilitates the export of project documentation.

To download SketchUp Pro 2024, follow this link.

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