Weekly summary – Eevee for architecture, Fabrics textures, Vintage Studio and Time Management

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The highlight of the week was undoubtedly the guide about Eevee for architectural visualization. For those of you unaware of the next release of Blender and some of their features, Eevee will become a new option to render scenes.

As a real-time render engine Eevee you deliver incredible results instantly, and literally, change the way we produce architectural visualization in Blender.

Our premium subscribers received a detailed guide about some of the features available today in Eevee.

Besides that, you will also find an excellent guide about time management for the architectural visualization business and some great assets!

Here is the complete list:

  • Time management for architectural visualization (PDF/ZIP – 0.06 MB)
  • Studio space for furniture render (ZIP – 69.17 MB)
  • 30 Fabric textures for furniture in architecture (ZIP – 7.17 MB)
  • Eevee for architectural visualization: First Look (PDF/ZIP – 4.46 MB)

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